(Virtual) March Computer Committee Meeting Tonight @ 7pm

Join with Google Meet
Join by Phone (enter 611 404 646‬# when prompted for a PIN)


@m4573rn3rd I recommend adding your agenda item there so we can consider it during the meeting. You can also just discuss the idea with me on Talk, Discord, etc. since we don’t need to vote on it.

It’s going to be a short meeting if there are no agenda items. I’m going to talk about the DMS Coder Night initiative.

People who might want to join: @chimpera @patrickpleez1 @dougemes @mrjimmy @denzuko @MizGeek

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I wouldn’t mind a quick discussion of an idea I have with dialog flow. I can bring it up and screen share if there is interest.

Dialog flow is a ui for building chat bots and virtual assistants in Google assistant/home


I will try to make it.