Virtual Driveway Sale

Virtual Driveway Sale
Having abandoned idea of yard sale before monthly curb pickup because of weather & surgical complications, now we’ll deal by phone
Lakewood area near East Grand
Tools, Hardware Stuff, Yard Tools
34 years of stuff
Some of the bigger items
Shop Bench Wood 2‘ x 5‘ by 3’ tall $25
Shop Bench Metal 2’ x 5’ adjustable height $25
Lawn mower electric w/cord $40
String trimmer electric w/cord $25
Welding gas tanks small $40
Air compressor, tank mounted, ancient, air hose $40
Film Photo Enlarger B&W $20
Vise 4” jaw, 4” opening, on metal stand $40
Bottle Jacks 5 & 12 ton, Scissor Jack $20 each
Steel bar stock, round & square tube & solid-Make Offer
Buckets of bolts, screws, hose fittings
Extra hammers, screw drivers, sockets,
Long handled shovels, rakes, hoes,
Shelves Unit, Metal, Orange $15
Amateur Wind Tunnel $10
Wood stackable shelf units $5 each

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What do those wooden stackable shelves look like and how many? Same for the metal ones.