(Virtual) DMS Coder Night

A meetup, virtual for now, where one or two talks will be given on software development topics, e.g. “Here’s the basics of iOS development”, “How to make a basic website with React”, “The story of how I fixed this nasty bug”, “Why MVC is terrible”, etc. followed by some time for socializing, working on projects, and chatting among developers (not necessarily about development).

This is inspired by NSCoderNight, which I attended regularly in Chicago and Seattle. About NSCoderNight

This Week’s Topic
I will be walking through how to make Pong for iOS. Following along on your machine is not required and you might get more out of the talk by just listening and asking questions. See the Slides

If you have a topic or war story you’d like to present, please email [email protected] for scheduling.

Every Saturday 7pm - 11pm

Google Meet for now, and then I’ll book rooms once the doors open back up at the space.
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You should be able to access the Google Meet video conference by viewing the event and clicking on a button to join, but if not, here’s a link to Join

To build community. The goal is to support a community of developers, and eventually inspire people proficient in some area of software development to teach classes. I’m hoping that students from classes will join the meetup and developers from the meetup will be inspired to teach more classes.

There are many software developers at the space. I know we have a Linux user group on Saturdays and Robot Builder’s Night Out. I’m hoping the format of presenting and socializing will draw some people from those groups as well as other members (and non-members of course!) so that we can share our knowledge and war stories with each other.



I will repeat this at the beginning of the talk, but since I’ll have so much time, ASK QUESTIONS! It makes it more interesting and informative for everyone. I think trying to follow along on your MacBook might be more distracting than useful, but I want some audience participation in the form of questions, corrections, and suggestions. The code is up on GitHub though, so feel free to take a look. I will be going through code during the talk as well, explaining what each line does. I will also run the game on the simulator to show how it behaves at each stage.

i wont be able to make it this week likely but next week when work from home starts!

Watched the 1st hour, very successful methodology of sharing the information, with live feedback from the students/learners/observers. Good job @raffi. I had to drop off for family things, but this was a great example of our DMS membership still being able to learn from each other.


I’m going to do another on Tuesday, same topic. Hope you can make it!


Here’s the Talk post for it: DMS Coder Night #2