(Virtual) DMS Coder Night | Make Google Assistant Experiences | James Henningson

This Week’s Topic:
James is going to give a walkthrough of Google’s Dialogflow, a tool used to build voice and text-based experiences for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the web. It’s super simple and you can build experiences without any code.

Past Topics:
Dialogflow w/ James Henningson
How to make Pong for iOS

What is DMS Coder Night?
A meetup, virtual for now, where 0-2 talks are given on software development topics, e.g. “How to make a basic website with React”, “The story of how I fixed this nasty bug”, “Why MVC is terrible” followed by some time for socializing, working on projects, and/or chatting among developers (not necessarily about development). The chatting afterward part doesn’t work well in a video conference, but is much better in person.

Tuesdays 7-11pm

Google Meet for now, and then I’ll book rooms once the doors open back up at the space.
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Google Meet app : https://meet.google.com/bxg-wpcy-fxj

From you phone:
Dial ‪+1 252-656-5533‬
Enter this PIN when prompted: ‪376 114 215‬#

To build community. The goal is to support a community of developers, and eventually inspire people proficient in some area of software development to teach classes. I’m hoping that students from classes will join the meetup and developers from the meetup will be inspired to teach more classes.

There are many software developers at the space. I know we have a Linux user group on Saturdays and Robot Builder’s Night Out. I’m hoping the format of presenting and socializing will draw some people from those groups as well as other members (and non-members of course!) so that we can share our knowledge and war stories with each other.

This is inspired by NSCoderNight, which I attended regularly in Chicago and Seattle. Learn more about that here: http://nscodernight.com/about/


This had the wrong link for Google Calendar. It’s fixed now.