Vinyl Cutting Program Error


The Titan Vinyl Cutter is not cutting. Keep getting a pop-up that "an error occurred in the application’. Tried ‘continuing application’ ‘restarted application’ as well as restarted the computer. Nothing seems to be working.

The C:drive on this computer has 0 bytes free of 111GB so this may be part of this issue. Is there anyone that can help resolve this? I have a 24"w x 36" piece that needs cutting so the Silhouette can’t be used as a backup.





Try clearing TEMP. (If you want instructions just ask.)


I just got back up here to clear it but the monitor keeps flashing every time I try to do anything.


@hon1nbo has said hes going to try to come up and look at it. Our clearing isn’t lasting more than a week, so something stronger will need to be done.


More yikes! I have no idea what to suggest. “Safe boot” from removable media may be necessary.


@hon1nbo and I looked at it tonight. All the user profiles are wiped off the local drive. But the windows pro 8.1 is a ot auto clearing then.

Recommendation: replace the 120gig ssd with at least twice the size, but also do a fresh image
Before that can be done, we need to ensure we have the install info for the metaza as well as the vinyl software.

@BarkingChicken and @uglyknees
Do yall know for sure if we have the original install information?


I know exactly zero things about that.


Calling @talkers for any possible additional info


The Metaza has open software, it wont need a key. The CD is in the tote next to the computer, but it would be better just to download the latest online.

The vinyl cutter does need a key, and I believe Nicole might still have the original email when she purchased it.


Fyi as of last night we still had 50gig avail on the hd, so either its behaving better, or fewer folks are using the machine