Vinyl cutter training 😊

My hubby (a member who’s not on talk much) worked for sign warehouse for a long time and is familiar with vinyl cutters.
He’d like to get signed off on the vinyl cutter, but we’re not seeing any classes up right now.
What kind of options are there? Y’all were talking about office hours as an option. Are there any others?

Thanks! :heart:

We did our first office hours last weekend, and there will be others but we don’t have them up on the calendar yet. If you want to come tomorrow night we’re having our committee meeting at 7 and you might be able to ask someone to help you.


If tonight doesn’t work, I’ll be up Sunday teaching slip-casting and will have some downtime between classes. I can train him on it if that works for his schedule. Should be quick if he’s familiar with them.


Thanks! I’ll talk with him about when he’s free.
Y’all are awesome! :two_hearts: