Vintage wooden desk and bathroom mirror tor the taking - SOLD

I’m giving away this vintage wooden desk to a good home. It’s study, spacious, and sleek and must have been built in the 1960s at the very latest. It’s free to whomever can pick it up. Must bring the muscle, too, since I am but an average man.

It features…

  • a spring loaded shelf that hides away on the left side (middle handle not pictured but it’s included)
  • three very deep drawers
  • deep center drawer
  • pull out extension on the right side
  • 60" wide x 29.5" high x 34" deep

I also have a bathroom vanity mirror for the taking. It measures 55" wide x 42" tall. The glass is 1/4" thick. I have mirror suction cups to use as well which I’ll sell for $20 since I only got them to remove this mirror.

Reach out to me if interested and we can coordinate a pickup.

I would be happy to take the desk. How soon will it need to be picked up?

PM me with details. Date, and location.



Awesome. I’ll send the PM shortly.

That would have been for a typewriter.

Well hot dog, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for that insight, it’s amazing how much we take for granted when out technology evolves.

The desk is still available for anyone interested.

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I’d be interested in the desk. I’ll PM you for details. Thanks!

The mirror has been picked up! @henryroseman PM sent.

Both mirror and desk are in new homes. Thanks to everyone who reached out!

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Also works well as a pre-built miter station. Lol. I used the stow away shelf for a sharpening station.

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My gosh, that almost the same one! That’s quite a clever use for the typewriter stand. Thanks for sharing!

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A typewriter is a printer with a keyboard directly attached to it. Most do not involve any kind of obvious computer.