Vintage sewing machine project

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For anyone interested, am going to document the discovery and hopeful restoration of this beast. According to the serial number it was made in 1952. I’ve got the machine finally removed from table top and legs dismantled for easier transportation. Going to drap a few before shots.


I will be following, I have my moms singer from 1947 that I would
love to get working again, I think it just needs a new motor, well
that was it needed some years ago

My dog wake my hubby up one night and wouldn t let him go back to
sleep, He decided to see if she wanted tom food, so he got up and
when he got close to the kitchen he smelled smoke, the motor was
smoking and it hadnt been used in days! She got a box of special
treats for that!

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Finished dismantling everything and many things run through the parts washer. I can actually see the etchings that indicates where oil is supposed to go! The base plate seems to be some sort of paint, it’s flaking off. Deciding between repainting or trying to powder coat it for durability. Everything seems to be moving through it’s full range as I crank the pulley on the end. In related news, I found a reproduction of the original owners manual and that should arrive in about a week.


That looks a lot like my mom s machine

I have a beautiful one of these with gold lettering, still in the table. Any interest?