Very interested in learning more about resin!

Hello!! I’m new to makerspace and am wondering if I need any certifications to work with resin.

I’ve never worked with resin before but would really like to experiment and learn more.
I’d like to create a mini version of Sabine Mercelis’ polished resin cubes (link to photo below)

I’m planning on learning more on YouTube. If anyone has any advice on resin or specifically on coloring resin please share!

Candy cube

There is a pressure pot that will help you get clear castings and requires training. Otherwise I believe you’re good to go.

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Thanks Jacob! Do you know if there will be a class soon or if there’s someone who I can meet with to get certified?

There is a class coming up this Wednesday - still has several spots open. I have not seen regular classes on this, so if you have been waiting [or think you might want to use it] sign up soon.

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Thanks! I just signed up. Can’t wait!!