Veneers and a little leather from Gulfstream Aerospace on Freebie Shelf

I put some two ply veneers on the freebie shelf. These veneers were given to DMS/me by Gulfstream Aerospace. They are samples used by the interior design staff to select veneers for their aircraft interiors. Some are finished to show what different finishes look like, but most are not. Some are book matched. All are about 18"x18" or a little smaller. Some are even larger, but you’ll just have to sort through the stack to see what’s available.

I also put a box of leather scraps/samples from the same company. If you make something from any of it please send me a photo or put it up on the Makerspace Show and Tell. I’d love to forward this to the folks at Gulfstream.


Thank you :pray:

Just before the wonderful brisket was served this weekend, thanks again to all who provided food and especially @TBJK, I put some more veneers on the freebie shelf.

A friend of mine has laminated several of these veneers together and made these:


Is that from the laser living hinge class?

It isn’t actually, but the same process is used. My friend makes these for a lot of people and sells them online. He lasers a special name/date/slogan/tagline or quote onto them also. He has his own laser and makes about 60 a month. He sells them for about $40 or so depending upon the finish and how much custom laser work is involved.

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