Vendor Referral or Job Proposal


I need one hundred templates cut from clear acrylic. The svg file is basically ready. Each template is 7" x 4".

Can anyone recommend a shop locally to supply the acrylic and cut the templates for me?

Or, if someone can accept a credit card and wants make a little on the side (or take it as a donation to the laser committee) would someone like to reach out to me via PM and receive details to give me a quote to do the job? I could do it myself, but I’m out of time to fuss with the lasers.



I hope that this helps. Feel free to PM me with additional questions.

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@patrickpleez1. Thanks. I already reached out to a couple of those, and although they sell the acrylic, they do not cut.

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Allied will do some basic fabrication like square panels and enclosures. I’ve had several very good experiences with them. Just don’t expect a smile from them.

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Check our Artifacture



I just purchased acrylic from just last week and they cut it to my specific size. Did an excellent job as well. Not sure how they’ll feel about 100 but they had no problems taking care of my small order.



My father in law does this for people, he uses his own laser if you want to dm me.



Thanks guys. I’m not looking for someone to cut blanks. I need someone to cut the specific shapes and a little etching as well. @evanfort That’s exactly what I’m look for. Thank you.