Vectric VcarvePro v9.518

Hi Everyone,

I just got a new computer and installed the trial version of VCarvePro but it is v10 and the files generated are not backward compatible.

Does anyone have a link to the download for Vectric VCarvePro v9.5x?

I’ve searched on the Vectric website but I was unable to find the download link.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

Check the VC on the remote jump server. It is version 9.5

We have the same issue with Solidworks. The version on the jump server is outdated and not compatible with the currently-available version we can download with our Makerspace licenses.

Hey Nick, yeah the remote jump server one works fine but i’d like to be able to work on projects when offline. Hence the reason for wanting to download it.

unfortunately, Vectric seems to remove older downloads when they come out with a newer version. the only other option is to purchase a version from someone. I believe Vectric has a licencing fee in that case but it does make you legal with the ability to discounts on new releases. good luck.