VECTOR committee meeting / election Thursday 5/25/23 7pm

VECTOR will be having a committee meeting and chair election on Thursday May 25th at 7pm in the committee area.

I am not running for chair again since I simply do not have the available time to dedicate due to my job and other projects. Things ramped up at work a few months ago and and have not slowed down and does not look like they will slow down anytime soon. I simply do not have the time to devote like I once did before Covid happened. Jayson is not running either since he is now on the board and has plenty of other items on his plate as well.

Also planing to vote on selling the EM rifle game project that is owned by VECTOR.

Anyone wanting to step up to take over VECTOR should plan to attend. Thanks


Reminder that the meeting is tomorrow night at 7pm.

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Google Meet?

We had an issue with the meeting link. But the meeting is over