Vapor Hone Status

I overheard that the vapor hone is down but have not seen any posts or tool status updates. I have three smallish parts to powder coat that really need a media blaster prep. Can @Team_Metal_Shop confirm the status? Anything I can do to help with maintenance? I don’t have experience with the vapor hone maintenance but I’m good a reading manuals and following directions.

I have not heard of it being down. It is about time for a media/water changeover though.

it"s not down. it is well overdue for a media change, and not very effective. we need a leak free container.

I keep forgetting that we need new outflow containers.

@FreddyCalvert can you get that handled? I don’t know exactly what the plan was with the bunghole on the big trash can.


Sorry, was having a moment,

The purpose of the bunghole is to evacuate the grit and material into the trashcan, allow it to settle for 30 mins, the grit will fall out of solution, drain water via the BUNGHOLE. Put grit in bag. :slight_smile:

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ah, perfect.

Also that takes me back. Beavis and Butthead was a common saturday morning cartoon for me as a kid