Vapor hone media

Do we have only medium grade/grit media for the vapor hone? I’m looking for something in the range of 220 grit, which I’m guessing is probably called Fine.

This is correct, we have historically only used medium grit.

We started with fine, and it worked great for a week or so, then it got “gummed up” and we switched to medium because it seems to last longer. I think it has to do with particle size of both the medium and the trash that gets into the water from the maker’s parts.

Do we have any fine still laying around? I need a couple tablespoons of it. I’m willing to contribute.

I left some on the blue table in the machine shop. There’s only a little left in the bottom of the container.


Chris did you make a micro vaporhone that only uses a few tablespoons of media to blast your micro parts?


I wish. I’m using an “air eraser” airbrush doodad.

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