Vacuum bladder broke

Hey there my @Team_Creative_Arts peeps. Just wanted to let folks know the vacuum bladder on the dye sub vacuum press broke today while I was using it. There was a small hole at the top of it, but it did still pull vacuum so I didn’t worry about it and then it just “popped” and tore after about 4 minutes of use. I do not know how to replace it or I would have done so since we do have a spare.

Thanks for letting us know.

@CaryF300 can you look into this and let me know what we need to order to fix it.

Edit: dye sub, not resin.

There should be a spare in the drawers under the 3d vacuum oven

Yes – the replacement is there, but replacing is… unclear…

i don’t remember it being covered in the manual :thinking:

I think the manual was only in Mandarin. and like an idiot, it just barely occurred to me to check YouTube. That’s a big derp on my part.

You don’t know Mandarin? Pfft.

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I know a couple of other languages, just not Mandarin.

Strangely enough, that wasn’t offered at my high school in El Paso.

This is the future:

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It is just a press fit to replace the silicon sheet. There is a channel around the lid that it presses into. I’ll swing by the 'Space and change it out.

Out of curiosity, what were you trying to dye sub when it tore?

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a smaller cup. The silicon wraps weren’t fitting correctly :frowning:

Is the cup press working again by chance?

Was the cup pushing up against the membrane when you closed it?

The mug press works, but the bolt is bent, so the pressure isn’t even. The SIG is requesting the purchase of a new, heavier duty mug press that fits more sizes of drinkwear.


Yes, which may have been what added stress to it. Mea Culpa on that one.

Yeah, it isn’t intended for items thicker than the chamber is tall.

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If you will PM me a replacement part I will order it since that was my bad. That way we will have another spare for next time.

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It was an honest mistake, and you said it already had a hole, so it was failing already. I’m sent Shay the link to order a spare.