Vaccine Booster Point of Reference

I didn’t have any reaction at all to my first Moderna vaccine and very, very minor arm soreness after my second.

I got my booster (also Moderna) on Friday and it knocked me on my ass all day yesterday (Saturday). Arm ached, neck ached, shoulder ached, butt ached (not really). Headache. Lots of fatigue. No fever. Basically slept all day. It felt like what I imagine the flu must feel like for many people (I’ve only had it once and it was so mild I barely knew it).

So… if you’re getting a booster keep in mind that you might be out of commission for a day or two.

I feel much better today.


Its funny because I’ve basically only heard two reactions to the booster so far: No reaction whatsoever (what I had) or knocks you on your ass.

I suspect it has to do with your individual immune system and your antibody level when you get it (mine is wacky because autoimmune).


I think my immune system is pretty decent. It’s always been good to me. My wife and daughter had Covid a couple of weeks ago and I never caught it from them and as I said, I have mostly avoided flu.

I guess the downside is that when it kicks in it does its job really well.

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First Pfizer shot - Sore arm
Second shot - Fever, chills, aches, slept for almost 24 hours
Booster - Not as bad as the second shot, I could function with Tylenol. Aches and felt out of it for about 24 hours.


I got my shot Pfizer #3 on Friday. fever, muscle and joint aches flu like stuff since. Sucks.


I had nearly the same reactions you did. #1 and #2 - no symptoms other than arm ache. Booster - same reactions as yours plus nausea/vomiting. Moderna.


My 2nd Moderna shot laid me out for a solid 12 hours. I get my Moderna booster tomorrow.

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My wife and I got our 3rd Pfizer shot almost 3 weeks ago. We were prepared for anything. But we really didn’t notice much after it.

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1st Pfizer: sore arm, super sleepy, generalized muscle aches
2nd Pfizer: sore arm, super sleepy, generalized muscle aches, fever
3rd Pfizer: sore arm, generalized muscle aches, high fever, chills

All lasted for just the day after.

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My history.

Took my first two Pfizer shots at Dallas Motor Speedway.

1st Dose - no side effects
2nd Dose - no side effects

Took my booster at Walgrees. A litle bit of a sore arm and some drowsiness but otherwise no side effects


The booster shot is definitely a Friday afternoon vaccine. I was 11 months from original vaccination, and the booster gave me Flu symptoms (except for congestion), for about 36 hours.


3 hours into my Moderna booster this morning, and I’m feeling pretty normal. Let’s see what the next 12 hours are like.


All Pfizer

  1. No reaction, very little arm soreness
  2. Mildly sore in arm, while I felt like I had no reaction, I took the day off in preparation and just slept almost all day - but that could have been me catching up from general limited sleep
  3. Worst. Kept on site for 15 minute period or so, when driving home started to have the same sort of anaphylaxis response that I do with certain food allergies. Thankfully didn’t get to a point where I had to rush to a clinic, but I did have a mild anaphylaxis response where I was having difficulty breathing, shallow and throat was partially closed. That was the day I learned that you could even have an anaphylaxis response. This continued for about 3 hours before finally going away completely. Almost directly after this body was tingly for a few hours, then stopped.
    Then my body felt really heavy for about 24 hours, like after a tough workout. Sore arm for 72 hours? I lost track, but my arm was still sore days later.
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Pfizer Vaccinated, but no booster yet.
Dose 1: Lowered energy but OK.
Dose 2: 24 hour FLU very sore joints, no energy, slept a full day away.
Not looking forward to the booster.

I’m noticing now how much of my decision to get the vaccine was based on it will make my life easier not having to wear masks or constantly taking COVID tests, with the support of the easy to find research as well. But, my second business is in events and they contractually require you to get tested within 7 day and still have to wear a mask. Or, with large events requiring daily testing onsite. There just isn’t that feeling like the Vaccine has helped the social side of this disease at all.

I’m really tired of particularly the hysteria around COVID. Even the medications around it are politicized. I lost an older friend to COVID while the Trump drama around ivermectin hit the media. I don’t know if he was offered the medication or if it would of saved him. But, I have since had 5 friends catch COVID and took Ivermectin. They felt it had a large impact on them overcoming COVID quickly. Seeing positive effects within 2 hours of taking the medication. But, they all explained how hard it was to get even with their doctor’s prescription. One had a friend bring it back from Mexico, another was denied at a bunch of pharmacies and found a online pharmacy willing to ship it to them, and the other 3 found a single pharmacy in Garland that had it.

Thanks for starting the thread. It’s nice to hear that my reaction wasn’t some edge case, instead being somewhat common. I hope other’s also get some comfort in this as well.


As with most things biology/medicine, “it depends” is almost always the correct answer :smiley:


Round 1 - no issues
Round 2 - mild flu like symptoms 2nd day after shot
Booster - sore arm at injection site - no other issues

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Oh great, y’all have me worried now. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

First shot - extremely sore arm, extreme fatigue, body aches. I was out for a good 2 days.

2nd shot- moderately sore arm

Booster - not yet

My first two vaccinations were Pfizer and I had a bit of a sore arm and that was about it and maybe being a little bit more tired but that’s hard to tell. Thursday I’m getting my booster but it’s going to be my journal so I’m really wondering what kind of

First, Second and Booster Pfizer shots no side effects other than a sore arm.


I’ve done 3 doses of Pfizer – almost no reaction to Pfizer 1, mostly just felt brain fog/forgetfulness

Pfizer 2, I did spike a fever (100 F after ibuprofen) and had chills and nausea for about 36 hours to the point where I barely ate for a couple of days (still worth it though, for the immune protection, but it was a pretty spectacular reaction).

Pfizer #3, my booster, administered 7 months later – was somewhere between these two reactions. I had nausea but less of it and this time I could still eat (and it lasted less than 24 hours). I did run a slight temp (99 F after ibuprofen, my normal body temp is 97) and had chills and muscle aches but it lasted less than 24 hours this time.

Definitely worth it. Not bad at all. (And I guess I’ve had fairly strong reactions, all things considered.)