Using Shapeoko for 3d cutting

I’d like to cut a shape that’s essentially a contour map. I think I recall the basics of using Easel for the Shapeoko, but I only see options for cutting SVGs. How can I cut a 3d shape?

This is the shape. Would cutting one layer at a time work? Cut the top layer, then move the tip down and cut the next layer, and on and on

Fyi, the shapeoko has been moved to the woodshop committee. You might find more help there.

Thanks. I haven’t been around for a while.

@jphelps may be able to help.

What kind of source file do you have? Just the PNG graphic file? You really need something more involved than that to do a decent job on this. What are the dimensions of this object?

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STL. Ive got svgs for each layer by using slicer for fusion360. 9.5x10.5x4 inches.

Are you trying to cut thin slices and then assemble? The Shapeoko doesn’t have 4" clearance. You’d need to use the Multicam.

You could laser-cut each layer from thin plywood then stack and glue up, unless a smooth internal contour is needed.

Yes, cut multiple sections about an inch thick, then assemble them. Thanks for your replies, I’ve gone down another path with this project though.

That was the original idea, but I figured I’d learn to use another tool while I was at it.

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