Used last legal dye sub paper pkg

I used the last package of legal sub paper from the cart this morning.

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Adding @CaryF300

Also, we are getting low ish on 11x17 as well.


@CaryF300 send me a link

How much does the paper cost?

I don’t know of @CaryF300 has a better option but it looks like about $18(for legal) and $27 for 11"x17" for 100 sheets from Johnson Plastics. Definitely want to wait to hear if there’s a better option or if my google-fu lead me to a totally inappropriate item.

That’s not too bad per sheet. Is the sublimation toner expensive?

Sid, if you purchase the pack from Creative Arts the ink is factored into the price. If you bring your own paper then it’s listed on the printer. As memory serves its $1-$2 per page depending on size.

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Time to dip into the illegal stock?

Funny how some things can be misread…


The paper that is normally stocked is the Texprint R. Its $22.98/100 sheets of 8 1/2 x 14.

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There are a box of each in the teaching cabinet. It just needs to be put into envelopes. I won’t be back in town until late Monday, and can’t get to the space until Thursday.


Sublimation ink is. I talk about it in the Dye Sub 101 class. The ink is the $131 per cartridge per color for our printer.


We price our paper to cover the cost of the ink/dye.

“If you provide your own paper, there is a reduced fee for using just the dye plus the affiliated consumables. This “no paper required” fee is $1 per page printed for Legal, $2 for Tabloid.”

@CaryF300 You have done a fantastic job documenting our Dye Sub resources.


I might be there this weekend, if I am I will stock a few envelopes


I will be there Tuesday and can restock if it still needs.

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I didn’t make it at the weekend as planned, thanks John