Upgrade Membership?


I recently signed up as my roommate’s +1, and would like to upgrade my membership to standard (full price) so that I may be more active. Is there any way to do this without losing my account?


This can be done; our tickets are backlogged at the moment, but you can open one here: [email protected]

However, what do you mean by this?

To be clear, the only thing that is missing from an add-on is voting rights in board elections and bylaw amendments. If that’s what you mean then great, but I want to ensure you are not thinking you’re missing out on anything else in terms of tools or access.


That’s part of the reason, for sure. Even though I’m new here, I really like the way things are governed, and want to be active in the process.

I also just want to support the space more, since I’ve been taking advantage of the resources/classes more than the main account owner :wink:


Swap roles. Become the primary and let the other member become the add-on.

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I believe he wants to be active in the DMS government process as well, so I think both of us having full memberships would be best. Thanks for the idea, though!