Updates on new turning tools for our lathes!

Just received this tool set today purchased with the proceeds from the recent turning classes for tools series I’ve been setting up. Tools will be profiled/sharpened and in the community drawers by Thursday.

Also- updates on carbide hollowing tools with huge thanks to @dwolf! He has been working on a set of tools for the Space that should be available in early November. He volunteered his time and metal working skills to make a set for a third of the cost of commercially available tools!

Hopefully we will be able to schedule some classes for Christmas ornaments in early December.


Paul @prl2018, this is so generous of you! Thank you for using the proceeds of your classes to give back directly to the Woodturners!

@dwolf Dan, thank you for the work you’re doing! Carbide replacement tips are so expensive.

I really appreciate this.

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Super thoughtful and generous of you both. Thank you.

I agree, very nice of both of you!!!