Update on sherline CNC lathe


Here is an interesting website that sells upgraded motors and headstocks for the Sherline equipment. GlockCNC

I modified my personal CNC’ed Sherline Mill with a heavy duty headstock that will accept R8 tooling. Then I use Tormach TSS adapters for quick change tooling. The R8 headstock removes about an inch of Z axis clearance so I installed a taller Sherline Z column to compensate for that. I still use the original Sherline motor, plenty of power for me. So why did I change to R8 on a Sherline? If you have ever used Tormach TSS adapters, then you would understand. Easy quick change with no tooling recalibration. I use Mach4 for my CNC program. I switch it back and forth between my Mill and Lathe.


Anyone have any better google-Fu than me with the motor drive? I’m trying to figure out the difference between the KBLC-240DS vs KBIC-240DS.

Looks like maybe its been replaced


According to this website, the KBLC was discontinued (https://www.radwell.com/en-US/buy/KB+ELECTRONICS/KBLC240DS) and KB electronics doesn’t list it in their DC drive lineup anymore (http://acim.nidec.com/drives/kbelectronics/products/variable-speed-dc-drives/dc-drives-chasis)

However, the downloads section of their website gives you the option of downloading the manual and the KBLC and KBIC both point to the same page (http://acim.nidec.com/drives/kbelectronics/downloads/product-manuals). I assume that means the KBIC is the replacement for the KBLC.

The datasheets I found for them appear completely identical. Down to the dimensions of mounting slots.


Makes me feel better. I felt that they were essentially the same but feel better that you were able to find that.


So I received the motor controller and speed controller for it today.


cool. getting closer and closer!


I put the new speed controller on the machine Thursday. Turns out the heat sink on the KBLC is smaller than the KBIC. I had to swap the heat sinks. I also tested it to make sure it worked. I also found the issue of why the older one did not work.
A blown trace, I think it can be repaired to have around as a spare. Today we (Myself & Swiss Chris) added the 0-10/0-5 vdc signal isolation board. We had to modify the enclosure its mounted in & the base heat sink because the isolation board was slightly offset. I also discovered someone took our spare enclosure I had purchased for the lid specifically so it wont have a hole in it for the potentiometer. We ran some tests and were able to get the motion controller to send the RPM signal & start stop for the spindle. We also discovered our shielded cable was missing so we could not run it permanently.

So what remains you ask, Running that speed signal, verification of the speed to speed signal. We would also like to investigate the possibility of increasing the PWM from 3.3 to a 5 volt signal for more top end speed.