Update on sherline CNC lathe


Sounds good when can you bring it by?


I put the chassis in the spare parts cabinet, top shelf. Hope you can use it.


DUH on my part… LOL… New here & didn’t look at the Org post date…

In my old version of Mach 3 … there is a page to route pins, + / - signals, etc… Should be in Ver 4 I would think. & if I remember right, It’s in an unlikely place / tab… LOL


Thanks rich


It’s under the USB Parallel Adapter settings.


I’d like to help on this, who’s the right person to get some tasks from?


That would be me, I will come in tomorrow and take a look at Rich’s box and plotting things out. What makes this interesting is the fact that signal wire will be going to the motors not stepper pole wires.


Yup… Ole Mach 3 was pretty good to drive Steppers… Link is to my old table top CNC I built many years back… ( video isn’t that good )… The home brew driver PCB used ST Micro’s L297’s & L298’s …

Plenty of circuits to build a stepper controller that Mach 3 or 4 will drive, on the internet… If you want a High Quality one you may consider a GeckoDrive…


Made some progress tonight. We mounted the components & start the wiring. Turns out we do not seem to currently have any 7/8 stepbits. Had I known I would have brought my own in & saved me an hour of looking.


So I soldered the leads on the quick connects tonight. Chris Wischkowsky the other day wired the steppers to the female quick disconnect end. No pictures today, I have to replace the glass for the camera on my phone tonight.


What is the status of this project?

From Machine shop Committee meeting & Minutes 10-27-18

Is the deadline Jan 1 or 31?


We didn’t really decide, that I remember. Perhaps by the meeting since its scheduled for Jan 26th


It will be meeting time