Update on sherline CNC lathe


Here is the motion controller that @Chris_Wischkowsky recommends. http://dynomotion.com/KFLOP.html
Of course the steppers
https://www.automationtechnologiesinc.com/products-page/hybrid-servo-system/kl-5056h/ times 2
Then the power supply

I don’t remember if there was already a 5 volt power supply in it for the Motion controller.


If not, it’s easy enough to get a 5v wall wart…


PM me with the links and order quantity when it’s decided exactly what is wanted.


Think that’s it above. If you guys could loop me into the PM and order status that’s appreciated.

EDIT: We could use a slim ATX power supply instead. Board has the right connector and I’ve not had a lot of luck with those cheap black inline Chinese power supplies. Seem to last me about 9 months or so.

Do we need KSTEP or stepper drivers? Reusing old ones?


I can order them today.

@Chris_Wischkowsky you approve the above order - will be about $610 plus shipping and handling (??) and sales tax (could be $46).

Need approval so I can attach to submission reimbursement.



Let me double check everything later today.


They steppers appear to be the same. @jphelps the steppers have the stepper controller built into them best I remember…


I can order everything but the control board. If the steppers have the controller - nothing to worry about. If they need controller can order. May cause slight delay but may also prevent a hassle. Electronic componets often aren’t returnable.


Poke: Order status? -------


Bump … bump … bump … order status?


I’ve looked it over again, there is a chance additional parts might need to be ordered. The amazon links are also from the same manufacturer so none of that should be a problem.

Go ahead and order the parts.


Until I’m issued one of the new CC’s and it associated with Expensify I won’t be able to order.


Damn the bad luck. :blankspace:


Sadness. I’m hoping to see those carbide endmills sometime so I can update the fusion360 library for cutting steel


Should be this week. I was the first to be handed a card - it just needs to be set-up in Expensify then we can order.


Looks like the Amazon is cheaper now. 119 plus s&h


Looks like the majority of the parts are in for the CNC Sherline. There are not harnesses for the motion controller to the breakout board. So they should be easy to get locally.


I have a brand new cast aluminum enclosure that is identical to the current CNC Controller that can be use to build up the new CNC Controller. I will donate it. Who ever is going to fabricate the new Controller let me know if you want this chassis.


Do you have any pictures of it? What is the size?


The enclosure is a BUD CN-5713. CAD drawings are available at CAD Files. It is the identical size of the current Sherline CNC Enclosure.