Upcoming: Jewelry Orientation and Water Etching Ceramics

JSM Orientation is 8PM on Jul 3.

Water etching is 5:30 PM on Jul 3.

Just to pre-empt the inevitable questions - no; these aren’t on the calendar yet. Give it 72 hours before they post.

Also, there is already a JSM orientation on Saturday- they were only doing these once per month and this will be the 3rd in two weeks??

Being a cnc machinist, my mind went straight to a water jet machine on this. what is water etching?

We have only had one each week that I can see. If it’s not needed nobody will come and that’s fine. I’ll be up anyway.


*not my work just some quick Google Fu to answer the question

Texturing and surface treatment for ceramics. The white is porcelain. The red can be done engobe or with underglaze.

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I like 'em. thanks!

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