Upcoming classes or open forge?

The last time I took a forging or welding class at Makerspace was years ago. Are there still regular weekly open forge times, or any upcoming classes (for forging or welding)? I don’t see anything on the calendar for the rest of the year.



They don’t get scheduled that far in advance (bout a month at most) and most of our energy lately has been focused on getting ready for Lewisville Western Days, where we are exhibiting this weekend.

That said, there are usually weekly tool training classes and open forges about once a month on Sundays, the last one was September 8. Once the weather cools a little those usually move to twice a month.


Welding classes tend to get thrown up the week before they’re set to go. Alternatively for those who have had trouble finding a class, we always ensure we can squeeze a few people through that show up to committee meetings and cleanup day.


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That was quick! Thanks much - I look forward to it!

Thank you! I will make sure to keep a close eye on the calendar!

For instance, there’s a MIG Welding class for Sunday 10/6 at 3pm that’s currently in limbo, and should show up in about 2 days.

I’ll be posting TiG classes within the next week or two, depending on my schedule.


Definitely interested in learning TIG. Taking a MIG class this weekend so that would be a good follow up to compare for applications that require one or the other.

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