Upcoming and in the calendar! Dynatorch Practical

If you feel a bit sketch on how to make your own vectors for use in the CNC machines you want this class. We will be talking about some beginners techniques for how to do that, design considerations specific to plasma cut steel, and use the Dynatorch while we make our own yard signs.

Yes, you need to have already taken the required training.


does Shapeoko count?

That’s up to Jim. I don’t think so, but you can do the file making part and just go cut it on the Shapeoko

if people are running the dynatorch, they need to have taken the training. If someone is running a job for them, then it’s the responsibility of the trained person to run the jobs.

Thanks for clarifying! @Lordrook if you want when we get to the actual Dynatorch part I’ll use yours as a demo so it’s still cut, you just won’t be on the AD to work on your own until you knock the required training out. Just make sure you are still dressed as if you’re going to be cutting.

No chance :wink:

Amanda, any plans to offer this nights or weekends?

Yep. I already had committee meeting and another class that day so I figured I’d see how enthusiastic our day maker crowd was about it. So far not at all :joy:. Figure I better give it one more shot before I decide there’s no interest in the class at a normal time. I’ll be submitting some more on Monday and will include that as one.

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@Lordrook I forgot to add you may not be able to register because of the pre-req, but you can just come.

I appreciate that very much, I was just confused as

Kind of sounded like it was a 2 parter. part 1 being how to make a file, then part 2 is a practical demo on the Dynatorch. I do eventually want to learn the Dynatorch, just have to attempt to focus on one machine at a time, lol.

Given the current climate towards a class that doesn’t have a “take” portion it seemed unwise to make it two parts. The type of files that we will make will work on all the CNC I have used. I need to assess the situation with Shapeoko now that its moved but I can definitely do a nameplate class for it if we have enough people. Otherwise I’m totally willing to just help you out :slight_smile:

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