Unused Clay For Sale

Hi everybody! I am moving away for medical school and unfortunately the new city does not have a ceramics studio. I have 3 unopened, full (25 lbs) bags of clay and one opened bag of clay for sale from Trinity Ceramic Supply for $11/bag, except for the opened one. Please let me know if you want them! I’d really appreciate having them off my hands and put to good use.

Email me [email protected]

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what kind is it

It hasn’t been poked with metal has it? @jrkriehn

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brown and gray stoneware, I think. :slight_smile:

Uhhh no it has not been poked with metal… :thinking:

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I will take a bag. when would you like to meet up

Great!! What days will you be at Dallas makerspace? I can stop by and drop it off. :blush:

Or, if you do live in rowlett i live close by there and can meet you somewhere during the weekend.

Either works for me I’ll be up there Saturday morning till mid day but if you want to meet up I get off early on Friday

What time on Friday will you be at the studio?

I get off at 2 so I could head up there around 4-5

Hmmm what time will you be leaving Saturday?

No set time yet I’ll be up there around 9 and will be working on my own projects until there finished so probably most of the day

If there’s any clay left, I’d also be interested in buying a bag.

I’ll also be at the space this Saturday morning helping with new member open house tours until noon but can hang around and meet up during/afterwards.

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Okay I’ll be there Saturday since someone else is interested in buying a bag!

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Hi! Sure I will be there Saturday. :blush:

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Also if anyone wants the last bag, it’s 1/3 left and I’m selling that for $4. Thanks!!!

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I will be there in an hour or so. See you soon!

I will be there in an hour or so. Thanks!

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