UNT Auction of Fiber Arts Stuff

Hopefully there is something useful.



@Team_Logistics the lockers could be useful to y’all

@Team_Printmaking the exposure unit, silk screens, and stretcher frames may be of interest

@Team_Creative_Arts the sewing SIG may be able to get the self healing cutting table for a song

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This auction makes me sad.


Me too…but given how much is left also kinda makes me realize why they ended up in that predicament. RIP Fiber Majors :pensive:

I wish I could have those storage tables for my classroom. Sexy stuff those tables.

I don’t understand this comment

This was a very active program that was decades old. The founders of the monthly spinning guild I’ve gone to for 20 years met as students of that program several decades back.

Re “how much is left”
The surplus sale was the dismantling of that program and the ton of equipment left after even some of that moved on. Pages worth. And apparently ALL of the fiber equipment has found new homes except a few of the $850 looms (a bargain price btw) that are now being auctioned for a song and will find their way to new homes and new use. There are other textile art things lumped into the auction, but only a pittance remains of the fiber art stuff.

The tone of the way you put it, “ended up in that predicament” …I don’t get that.

Sadly, it’s more just a sign of changing times and priorities with the university. Not mismanagement or whatever your inference is for “ending up in that predicament”



I got one of the auctions, and will be taking a truck and trailer to get it. If one of the DMS committees won a bid, if it’ll fit, I’ll gladly bring it to DMS.

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A lot of the stuff that remained was HUGE. Like 15’ long x 6’ wide tables. I’d have happily acquired some of the stuff but with no way to remove it - and it had to be removed within two days of the sale - it was not really an option.

I was there when the sale opened to the public. There was a longggggg line of students, many of them some of the remaining fiber majors, lined up to try to get what they could, but students also (by nature) don’t have a lot of money. And live in small apartments. And drive small cars. So what they could carry away was limited by their own personal constraints.

The Fiber degree program wasn’t dismantled for lack of interest. It was dismantled by administrators who felt it took up too much floorspace.


Well that’s just rude. Totally not what they told alumni when we threw a fit