Unsafe Driving in the DMS parking Lot

On Sunday I was outside the main entrance and notice a few cars avoiding the construction by zipping through the DMS parking lot at high speed. These were drivers not going to DMS as I watched them go all the way through our lot and the adjoining lot before getting back on the road.

I wonder what, if anything we could or should do about it?

Spike strips, what else! :crazy_face:

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Randomly placed traffic cones, and would cause enough of an obstacle to make them slow to avoid it but wouldn’t cause any damage if hit so you wouldn’t be liable for any damages, harmless but effective

Giving the idiots a slalom course through the lot is gonna work out great.


From the way it sounds they apparently already had one setup and we’re running time trials

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Extra-long-bed pickup with extra-long can-opener hitch sticking out the back parked at the narrowest point of the parking lot would slow them down.

Tangentially related, How much longer is that road going to be torn to heck? The amount of debris that’s being left by the construction crew on the ‘drivable’ side is just bad and getting too/from DMS is like a game of chicken for our tires. plus the whole one way issue


Got a time?

I’ve been in contact with one of the city reps for that project previously (pushed for the steel plates over the holes because people kept trashing tyres / stalling / body damage). Noted this kind of problem but they asked if it keeps happening to reach back out.

If I can pull a video sample may be able to get an element to pop over every so often to take a look.


These speeders invariably go down to the Prime warehouse where most them probably work. It might help if we drop a note to Amazon to have a talk with their stunt drivers to kindly keep it under 20 mph in our parking lot.

I would call the police. If you recall the time I would let the police know that info. It’s likely the end of a shift. If the police know when to expect people then my guess is they’d come and catch people in the act.

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I saw a story about a week ago that the prime subcontractors are supposed to use a safe driving monitor app. But productivity is too impacted so the subcontract managers are telling drivers to only log into and comply with the app for the first two hours, then sign out and catch up.

We’ve started taking a page from those stunt drivers. We pull in at the first entry to the parking area and drive down the parking lot to DMS. Actually, Capt likes to make a left into Handi-parking, so we go around back. And, since it’s Capt driving, we aren’t making any speed records.

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Taking it a little too far there, police resources a valuable, best not waste them on things which have a very low likely hood of anyone ever being light of who they are

Ummm. I’ve noticed that Carrollton/FB tends to be a bit low-crime, thus officers are a bit bored. It wouldn’t take much police attention to convince the speeders that they should slow down.

OTOH, it is a private parking lot, and as such, not subject to police intervention.

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If people are cutting through the parking lot to avoid road construction, it may fall under the same ordinance as cutting through a parking lot to avoid a red light.


That’s actually not true; they aren’t customers and we would have been the ones to ask them to deal with it.
Even if we didn’t, do if they spotted it reckless doesn’t matter if it’s a private lot of it’s a risk because our lot is a public space

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I asked some one – it’s “Crossing Property”.

Freddie suggested that we should take some video, and collect shift times. I’m pretty sure that I’m seeing them around 11pm. And – they’re also zooming through in mid-afternoon, yes??

We should also have a person on the Board as point-person for this.

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Home brew diy radar/sonar speed sensor connected to paint ball gun with enamel paint or water based paint w/ sodium silicate. Could connect to plate reading camera - boring.


But calling the police is a bad idea. :rofl:

Unmarked car speed trap - could be more entertaining. :smirk: