Unpatched US government website gets pwned by pro-Iran script kiddie

The CISA has already announced that an cyber attack would happen. https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/aa20-006a

And so it begins…

hell joomla has always had a long standing of RCE for some time now. Always patch your software people.

To see the cyber war in real time check out:


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I mean it’s like… A library webpage that probably gets fewer hits than this forum. For it really count as a target and a score for anyone? When the fleet of unpatched cia drones with undisclosed armaments get their gps hacked and land in Tehran we can start talking cyber warfare. Or if the Syrian electric army pops it’s head up again we know the spooks are pulling out all the stops and setting the stage for an impotent but news worthy cyber conflict. Should hyyria reappear though Intel contractors like hbgary, palantir, booze Allen Hamilton, cubic, and the likes will start to have things to worry about.

Let’s be fair though, no matter what Iran has done on the cyber front it still doesn’t compare to Kenny logins blaring over the pa and having stuxnet/Gauss spin your enrichment centrifuges to utter annihilation.