Unable to register for Bridgeport class, have taken self-study


I’m trying to register for the upcoming Bridgeport class on 10/26 but the event system tells me I still need to complete the prerequisite self-study and quiz. I completed the self-study linked from the Wiki and emailed my answers on 10/17, and I also completed the Moodle course and quiz linked in the event description (Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar).

As an aside, it looks like the wiki (Category:Machine Shop - Dallas Makerspace) should be updated to point to the new self-study Moodle course instead of or in addition to the PDF version. I’d make the Wiki edit, but I’m not sure what the correct information is.

Morning, I see that you are in the group to allow for the registration. Not sure what’s going on with it.
@Team_Infrastructure @Team_Calendar

Only thing that I can think of offhand, is to try to logout/re-login to the calendar system.

@jsnowfreedman Logging out and back in worked, thanks!!