Unable to create my keyfob or access calendar for more than a month now. Can anyone help?

I have a ticket open but there has been no activity or assistance yet.
Ticket #260986

The problem is I can access Talk, but not the calendar or the Badgemaker system. From what I can gather, the reason is that I was a DMS member several years ago and there is some issue syncing my old account with my new account. Both old and new account use the same email address, which I thought was the recommended way to do that, but if needed I can use a different email address for the new account.

some systems are restricted to use only lowercase letters.

Can also check to see how you appear in Active Directory https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/How_to_Enable_Your_Active_Directory_Login

Well, there are other issues now, and I think Infrastructure is a bit swamped. Please send an email to [email protected] and tell them the systems that you can’t access.

Sorry that this has taken so long, and that you got overlooked.

Ok thank you, yes I’m seeing now other similar problems so I guess things have been busy over the holidays.

I am using only lowercase letters for my username and email address. Is that for passwords as well?

  • I am able to login to Active Directory fine (using my new password).
  • I also found out that I can access Calendar using my old password from several years ago
  • I have tried syncing the accounts using the instructions on the wiki, but it didn’t work.
  • With Badge maker, I am unable to login with my new password. I can login to Badgemaker with my old password, but it doesn’t show any keyfobs or let me do anything in the system.

Hi, is there any update to this? I’ve emailed the accounts address but have not received a response. Also there is still no activity on my support ticket.

Well, we’ve still got the problem. @Team_Infrastructure? I hate to tag them, as they have a lot on their plate, but you should be part of that plate…

Thank you I would appreciate their help. By my count, so far I’ve paid 2 months membership ($120) for a service that doesn’t work because nobody can help fix my account.

We’ve BEEN working on this, and I think we’ve about got it beat; I’m hoping to see a message in response to your ticket in the next few minutes…

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