Unable to attend Ceramic Basics today, 1/6 noon


Hey @Liamluu, I’m so sorry that I won’t be able to make it to your class today at noon. I’ve been visiting family this weekend and couldn’t get away in time. The class is full, so please let someone go in my place if you can!


For the next time – cancel your spot in the class. That will open it up for somebody that’s scanning the calendar.


I wanted to but I saw that cancellations closed several days ago. I know that this is to keep people like me from canceling last minute like this, so I felt very bad to do it. I thought at least someone might see it this way.


I’ll have a chat with Liam. Setting cancellations so far in advance of the class is not The Maker Way. I realize it lets the instructor feel like they’ve got some control, but it doesn’t help. Stuff comes up, and it’s better to let folks just cancel. I usually let it run until 30 minutes after class starts. That’s because if y’all can’t cancel, nobody can add either. Sometimes it helps to be able to add folks at the last minute.


I looked on the cart, there is 1 on the floor, my hope is they were moved to storage and they did not go that unknown void that a great deal of the molds went to.


I talked with Madison yesterday she did not know. There were on the concrete table for a long time. if you are at the meeting tonight can you bring it up?


I’ll be late if I am. I work until 7pm.


for some reason i got the notices in the wrong post ?