Two Random Things

Hey, there.

Attached is our nonprofit flyer. We’ve hosted a few free events and procured new members for DMS.

Also, I learned the pottery wheel recently.

May I bring nonmembers to throw with me if I demonstrate? Maybe it’ll interest them in a membership?

Good on you!

They can be on premises (after signing waiver). Sponsoring member (in this case you) need to be with them at all times, i.e. no wandering off on their own to explore. They can watch you throw, and learn from watching/discussing with you. But, unless things have changed (and I’d want to know if so, as I have a friend that would like to use the car lift on occasion), they can’t use the tools themselves.

I am fuzzy about how some classes allow for non-members to use some tools but not others…any clarification or correction or insight is appreciated.

As always, dispensation from BoD can be sought for special events or circumstances.


I believe we encourage non-members to take classes. They can use the tools during class, but not without an instructor there. They can’t use the tools just with another member either. They are supposed to become members to use the tools. Some classes we explicitly prohibit non-members from taking, too.

In blacksmithing, we allow non-members to attend classes and use the tools when we are instructing, but otherwise they need to become members to have access to the tools.

I’m sure that you can bring someone to “assist” you but not to utilize the tools themselves.

I would schedule a class, invite your non-member friends and open it to other members, too. I’ve taught lots of classes with non-members in the class. Many times they sign up after the class.


This isn’t always the case, e.g. Woodshop Basics, so I was a little confused as to when it’s OK and when it’s not. It isn’t clear to me if this is up to Committees, or if it should or shouldn’t be, as it can involve liability to whole organization. That said, status quo seems to be working, so…

Umm. Your title is unlikely to have the “right” people reading your message. Only we inately-bored-and-curious are likely to read.

For the Ceramics question, we should ask @Team_Ceramics . That’s 32 people, so we may get some varied answers.

My take on it is – letting non-members come to our historically cheap classes doesn’t seem to motivate them to join DMS. Maybe you’re just a better cheerleader/motivator than I am, but years ago when I was Ceramics (then Fired Arts) chair, I never made my throwing classes member-only. I can’t point to a single person who joined as a result of taking those classes. Of course, the primary lesson was “throwing pottery is hard and takes time and lots of practice”. Freeloaders abound…


Nonmembers are allowed to take classes. Thank you for looking for ways to help us increase our membership numbers. :slight_smile:


  1. Guests can not inhabit the Dallas Makerspace without another keyed Member present.
  2. Guests are encouraged to become Members.
  3. Guests are not allowed to use tools and equipment, except as part of a scheduled class/workshop.
  4. Members are responsible for their Guests and their actions.


@jamierazzz and @AnnaMarie FYI.

Yes we periodically have classes for non members. You will need to supervise them at all times and as usual the waiver is required for DMS.

The class/event should be scheduled on the calendar to reserve the wheels. We only reserve 4/5 so there is always one wheel available for member usage.

Will you be supplying your own clay or need class clay?
Do you want the students to have a finished piece eventually? If so, will you teach trimming and glazing, walk through ceramics 100?

These are all things we need to discuss/consider and figure out logistics on so you are successful.


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