Turning polyurethane

Hey @TBJK, would it be possible to turn this on the lathe?
I’m considering fabbing a set of ladder bars for the truck and needing to make some bushings for the connection points.

Yes it is. You could do delrin too.

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That is true.
I didn’t think about that.
When it comes to automotive suspension bushings, my first go to is always polyurethane by either Energy Suspension or Prothane

Poly tends to squeak in my experience

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Brass is the sqeakiest, it howls!

I haven’t experienced that, but most of what I used polyurethane bushings on were sports cars that were kind of loud anyways so I just might not have heard it.

I recently ordered new leaf spring bushings from Energy Suspension and they came with install grease.
Figured that was for lubrication and squeaking issues.

Yeah, not doing brass bushings for an automotive application, lol!