Turned honey dippers and fountain pens


Yep, but it morphed over time to just be a men’s clothier. I’m trying to bring that definition back into mainstream parlance.


I’m interested in a honey dipper in any style.

That rolling pin looks like a fun class, and I’ve been wanting to make a lathed biscuit cutter for a while now.


I have considered doing a rolling pin class as well. I’ll keep that in the background of my class list :slight_smile:


I’d be on board for a honey dipper. I love honey.


For those interested, the fountain pen and wooden honey dipper classes are up on the calendar for January the 26th!


@nicksilva, is the Sherline lathe up and running? Would like to machine the business end of a honey dipper on the Sherline and then give it a wood-turned handle.


Rolling pin that is wood with that resin in the middle…that would be sweet


The manual Sherline should be running