Trouble with sewing machine

My sewing machine keeps stoping due to thread from the bobbin balling up. Anyone got a clue as to why it does this and how to fix it?

Have you adjusted the tension?

tried several settings and same thing happens

I assume you did this … but did you completely unthread the machine (especially the upper portion) and remove the bobbin and then start over (with the presser foot up)?

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I’ve retread several times, take the bobbin assembly apart and cleaned it. Threatened the machine with physical abuse, and verbal assaulted it. All to no avail.


If that didn’t straighten it out, there’s only one thing to do…


Depending on how old the machine is, it might just be time to take it in and have it serviced/maintained.

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Is this your personal machine or one of the DMS machines?

Sometimes a machine dislikes the thread you are using.
The needle may be damaged. A fresh needle is sometimes the ticket.

Is the bobbin inserted the wrong direction? All of my machines feed in a clockwise direction.

The timing may be off-which does require professional intervention, in my experience. (The sequence between the needle and the hook that form the stitches.)

I’ve also had issues on two of the Bernina’s I have where the entire bobbin races comes out that a thread gob has collected behind the entire mechanism, and that is causing the thread gobs at the top.


Ah. There’s your issue. While I understand the impulse, you gotta sweet-talk them. In amounts inversely proportional to how much you want test aerodynamic defenestration.

They know. They listen. They are highly passive aggressive.


Something like this requires an “all of the above” approach.

Are the thread and needle properly matched to the fabric and stitch type? Are the feed dogs at the proper depth? And, is the bobbin properly taught - even is the plastic bobbin case nicked?

Also, I agree with the unthread/rethread approach. In this photo the needle thread has some slack. Maybe it’s caught in a tension plate above.

If the fleece is stretchy, consider finding a ballpoint needle.

It’s really aggravating and happens to even experienced users. Sewing requires more equipment finesse than folks realize.

Good luck!

(Hey look! The internet agrees!

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When you are stitching -

Does the machine lay any stitches at all, or does it cause a birds nest immediately?

Is the needle hitting the same spot/feed dogs are not advancing the material?

Is the bobbin thread looped correctly and/or engaged in the bobbing tensioning tension thing (does the bobbin thread have tension when you’ve pulled it through the needle plate)?

Is the needle oriented correctly/is your top thread going through the needle correctly?

And are you sure you are lowering the foot? Leaving it “up” definitely causes immediate nests.

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I’ve looked into getting the machine professionally serviced and would cost more than I believe it’s worth. Guess it’s time to take a few of the Class CA offers and just bring stuff up there to sew it…