Trouble squaring edge on Sawstop

Trying to square an edge of a 24" long 8/4 board on the Sawstop. Beginning of cut is square, but tiny fraction off in middle.

Britton asked me to reference @haystack

First question is off in what direction? Does the cut have a bow out away from the fence or in?

I have seen sometimes that because the fence has some saw marks cut out of it they can let the ends of the board shift or sink in towards the fence just a bit giving you a slightly larger dimension. If you did this with both sides of the board the issue could compound and you would essentially get a board that looks like this ( ) but the error is spread out enough that the ends might read as square.

Solution: You could use a temporary piece of material up against the fence. It wouldn’t have to be very thick, maybe 1/2" plywood. You could clamp it or even just let your board press it up against the fence.

This is two ~2x12x24 panels I’m gluing together. Everything was already squared. I cut them to width, ripping w/ grain. When pressed together, one side looks good, other has the tiniest gap in the middle - maybe 1/64" - gap looks like when panels didn’t get enough glue.

If I understand things right, while it is SOP to put the 4th square edge on a board with a glue line rip on a with table saw, why not use a light cut on the jointer? It should work in this case since you’ve indicated the edge is already very close to square and the issue is a slight divot in the middle

I realize this doesn’t address the “what’s up with the table saw?” question, but may get your project moving.

That’s what I ended up doing! Worked great for the glue up, we’ll see how close to parallel it stayed…

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