Tried a new laser software, I like it


I’ll note on Laser committee’s open items that we’re evaluating Light Burn. I believe @pinewood has got this, but he’s gone to ground until post-Pinewood Derby season. Patience is the order of the day.


The ability to import .SVG files and have more advanced editing ability is huge for me. Yours works great.

I agree, I do everything in Inkscape. With RDworks, all my projects have to be opened in illustrator and saved as .AI before I can import it into RD. It works well but it’s not ideal.


I’ve been talking with LightBurn on licensing, and they have offered us a very nice package. Assuming that the laser users that are testing LightBurn like it, and the chair approves, we will be purchasing 7 seat licenses… 3 for the laser computers, 3 for design computers, and one for the JumpServer.

LightBurn has also offered amazing pricing for members, and assuming we go ahead and purchase the 7 seat licenses, we will be offering coupon codes to DMS members for that pricing.


LightBurn doesn’t yet support the rotary tool, but they are working on it.


Rotary support added!


I’ve updated the three design computers, jumpserver, Donner and Blitzen. Thunder was in use.


Thank you for the quick updates. Rotary is so important to our members. I think that was the gap keeping us from switching 100% over from RDWorks.

Question: We had a report on Discord that users were not able to start Lightburn. Tommy Thomas said he would follow up with you, but did not hear back from him. Were you able to verify this and fix if needed?


I think I’ll have time to stop by this afternoon to look at this. The problem is that LightBurn licenses are tied to the USER and these are multi-user machines.
Conversations with LightBurn support indicates that they are talking with the license manager (a 3rd party) to see if changes can be made to support licensing a machine for multi-user use.
Unfortunately, if they’re encoding the username within the license it will make it impossible for us to trick the system by ‘moving’ the license file from user to user as each one logs in. That’s what I’ll try to do, though.


As a temporary solution, a LightBurn registry file containing the license for each machine has been placed on the desktop. Printed instructions on how to install and add a device are near the Design and Laser computers. (Except for Thunder - it was busy last night)
The first time you use a computer, you’ll need to double-click the “LB License” file found on the desktop. That will install the license into the registry. Then, when you run LightBurn, you’ll have to go through the steps to create a device. (screen shots on the instruction page)
Finally, there are a couple settings in LightBurn you’ll want to change, to specify the origin at top left and that jobs start at current position. (unless you want to use a different setting)


@StanSimmons how do we get verification that we are a member of DMS so we can purchase a personal copy of Lightburn?


Stan has a promo code. He has to keep track of the number handed out as each code is good for a limited number members. When it reaches limit, he asks LightBurn for a new code. For that reason, we can’t publish it openly on Talk. I’m sure he will private message you.


Code sent… time to order another code. :slight_smile:


I would like a code please.


Necro bump… message sent to Stan. :slight_smile:


I was wondering what was going on with LightBurn, tried to use it the other day and couldn’t make it work, I’d previously had it working.


Bumping this topic again. I would like a coupon code, please.

@Team_Laser @StanSimmons



I hope the licensing issues have been fixed. It would be great to have it running on our machines. @LightBurn


I haven’t heard from Stan since giving him a new version to test quite some time ago.


@LightBurn I’ll follow up with him then.


Thanks John. BTW, I’ve been plugging in my license from Lightburn when I need to use it. It do doesn’t save it after I log out, but it does work for me until we solve the DMS license thing. I usually mention Lightburn in my Laser 101 classes and one of the members told they were able to buy a $10 license as a member at DMS. I’m not sure if was an email to receive a code or exactly what. If they see thread, maybe they jump in with details. I believe the $10 license authorized 3 computers.