Triangular glass rod


Does anyone have a local source where I might find triangular glass rod? I found some places online but only with the purchase of a full case.


@meanbaby? I don’t shop much…


Sorry, I do not recall seeing them at American near FTW or Art glass city.

Just out of interest, what are you going to use it on? WhaT length and diameter?

I’m wondering if Jimmy A or James H can lamp you some short rods from our donated round rod? Or I’m thinking you are cleared for lamping.


I am flexible on exact dimentions, but I need a very small piece - < 3/4" long and about 4mm on each of the flat faces.

If it were metal I would machine it, but I’m not so confident machining glass.


If you can get away with using clear acrylic, that can be machined and polished.


True, but it can’t be mirrorized using silver nitrate.




Welllllll, I would be inclined to grind and polish. Glassworks has the grinder. I’m contemplating the polishing, though. @meanbaby didn’t really show us anything specific for polishing. Finer grit on the grinder? Could you polish glass with a regular buffing wheel and the finest grit? You’d have to be super-careful of the heat if you were using a regular buffer – glass is SO shocky.

I’ll ask Capt when I get back from all the things. He used to work for a guy who did sandblasting of glass…


We should look at something like this… shared between Science for microscope sample polishing, Jewelry for gem polishing, and Fired Arts for glass polishing:


Have you contacted Kittrell-Riffkind Art Glass Studio - on Plano Rd/Collins in Richardson?


I did personally buy a grinding wheel I am thinking about making both sides for polishing and donating it to the gas depr. At this time we have no place to put it.

Check with James H to see if he will lamp 3 sides


I can give it a shot. Getting precise measurements could be difficult, but it’s worth a try.


That’s a nice offer, but honestly it’s not worth as much trouble as that.