Traveling to NY to work in ER need PPE

Hi, I’m a Nurse Practitioner and I’m going to NY to help in the ER. I would like to go with my own PPE. Ive ordered some online but may not get here in time. I may have to leave as early as Wednesday but pushing for Friday 4/10. Would someone mind making a reusable mask or face shield? If so, how much would you charge?



Here’s a link

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@talkers and @Kevin have been making masks over at ACME Creation Labs, they might be able to get one to you.


Thank you!

I can get you one of the NIH approved face shields. Send me a PM for details

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We can send you with shields today. Tuesday masks equivalent to n95. Ring us.

Featured: Thun Sanadi, ICU nurse happy with this shield model.


Check your PM

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Another PM sent.

@PearceDunlap I don’t know how to PM😬

(She does now - got a reply from her). @Stephanie_Fuller can respond to PMs, but I believe she can’t create a PM because she’s a new user.

I’m looking to print one or more of these:

Those look awesome! Love the color!

Wow! Love this. Hope other Maker & Hacker Spaces are finding ways to do something similar.

From the ACME website:

We’re currently closed, but have retooled as an essential business to make PPE (Face Shields) to help first responders and health care workers stay safe during the Covid-19 crisis.


Another option, which I’ll print after the Rowan design:

I’m not saying don’t try these, but did you see what the A&M folks thoughts were on this type of mask?
Isaw it when it was posted here

but here’s the link if you want to skip the Talk step

Their findings matched my expectation: too little filter area for easy breathability…
Curious what you find if/when you get it done…

Might want to talk to MultiCam as they are cranking out >1,200 per day.