Training: Dye sublimation printer SG800


I’d like to make some printed coffee cups to promote a nonprofit startup and saw that we have this cool printer. I was going to purchase a mug press but need a good printer. Is there anyone who can show me the ropes on this printer to get me going, or might there be a class soon?
Thank you!

FYI: I’ve already downloaded and played around with Creative Studio. It seems easy to place the image and send to printer.

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I don’t know whether there will be a class soon (@CaryF300? @talkers?) but you might want to know that we already have a mug press. You can see the attachments we have at this Dye Sub page on the wiki.



John, thanks for the reply and I’ll check out the mug press. I may need to make a few dozen so may not be worth buying a cheap one on Amazon. .



I would like that class as well.



@RobertCunningham , @MarkMHuber I spoke with @CaryF300 on Thursday and while right now life stuff is getting in the way he’ll have some more classes on the books in the next few weeks to a month-ish.

I think that @Lordrook sometimes teaches, so maybe he’ll be able to get a class up.

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I’ll check with @Lordrook and @CaryF300 to fill in any gaps if I can.



Thank you all for the responses and for considering teaching a class. I totally understand the time thing, I’d spend much much more time making fun stuff if I could !! Maybe if I get good enough I’ll give a intro class in mug making or something…



Robert, we would absolutely welcome you as a teacher when you decide you’re ready! Just let me know and I’ll help you get set up!

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