Trailer hitch cover


Here’s one right up Hatcher’s alley… and something that could be made at the space. :slight_smile:

That has my Claymore hitch cover beat. :slight_smile:


The bailing wire ammo belt detail made me chuckle aloud!


That’s a way to one-up the quad-rail exhaust tips:


Awesome! I was thinking of doing something similar to the Mini that we tow behind our RV. It has a tow plate on the front that I lovingly refer to as my “rocket launchers”. I’d love to fab up something to attach… Thing is, I don’t know squat about metal working…yet. With the help of classes and time at the space, I figure I’ll get there about the time I retire…and hopefully about the time I convince my wife it’s a good idea (work in progress).

It would be such a movie metaphor, that I do worry a bit about attracting the wrong kind of unnecessary attention.


When I built my front bumper, I was tempted to build “look alike “ 50 cal guns with amber LED’s tied to a button. I figured it wasn’t worth getting pulled over all the time so I didn’t do it.