Traditional 4 Slot Wallet Pattern Coming Soon


I think I’ve finally worked out this template for a traditional 4 slot wallet. Acrylic for templates has been ordered, and we’ll soon have a stack of templates for the Leather-working cabinet.

I’m going to try to get some project classes in for December for this.


How about a front pocket wallet?


Good idea. I’ll make the template for that next. It’s really just this template, with another card slot and the curve. This wallet is pretty slim and narrow, a Front Pocket Wallet will be a bit wider and longer.


@USprofessional has a cool wallet as well,
it looks like a bill fold wallet, but instead of having the money pocket, it has a spring loaded clip in the middle of the wallet. Here is a link to the clip.

John could you post a pic of your wallet, I would love to make one of these out of fancy nice leather.


Here’s a minimal wallet that could be front-pocket material:

(edit: talk may be smooshing the in-line image)

imgur album of more views

I’ve got a pdf template someplace on my home computer, I’d be glad to share. It could easily be made into an acrylic template.


The wallet in my original post is slim enough for front pocket carry. That’s how I carry mine, I assumed @carpa meant wanting one with the shape of the pocket as well.


I’m using this. It is totally blown out, though.

I was thinking it would be best to use a simpler design. More like what @jswilson64 has than anything else. Or maybe like half of what @Webdevel has.


Any chance we can do this in a black leather?


Definitely. I will probably need to pull from my personal stash for this, but it is definitely doable.