Trading osage orange for a segmented bowl jig

Anybody interested? I have a bunch. I think it would take me four tries to get it right.



Hey, Curt - I’d be interested…I actually built a jig using the cnc router and probably still have the files…whether we trade or not, i’ll help if I can…btw, what size osage?

I have a bunch in many different sizes. Whatever you need.

hey, are you going to be around the space today or tomorrow?

I am there now.

Hi Curt. Are you saying you have spare osage orange? I may be interested if you have some extra.

I do have spare osage orange

Sooooo…if anyone turns stuff with Osage Orange (Bois d’Arc) and there’s a bunch of shavings or small useless bits and chips, I’d love them

The shavings make a gorgeous natural dye for fibers

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Here it is. Anybody interested?

If any is just extra available I’d love a log and I’ll be at the space tonight.

The image is below

Hey, Curt, tonight, let me see if I can find my file for the jig I created on the CNC…along with the jig, I cut the angle inserts to set the jig up for various numbers of segments…will let you know tonight or tomorrow, for sure. My guess is that I’ll be up at the space Sunday, for sure.

Are you there today?

Crap - don’t know when or how to catch up. Did find the file…I was there Sunday. I don’t mind giving you the actual jig, since I don’t have time to use it these days. I work at Monfort & Arapaho, just north of Beltline…Better yet, I have a storage area in the main workshop. Not likely I can get there before Saturday, but I can put it in my spot and let you just pick it up?

hey, Curt - put the jig on my shelf - it is just to the left of the storage print ticket kiosk, on the main wall of the workshop. See if it’s what you are after, try it out, and if it works, we’ll cut one for you. you’ll see it is on top of a bunch of cut offs - if Jimmie is around, he can show you wher it is. Also put 3 of the templates for it, 8, 10, and 12 segments…

That’s perfect

Your bodark is on your shelf.

Hello sir. Did you ever do that segment jig?

I’ll have some shavings tomorrow. Will you be at the space tomorrow? I’ll be there mid morning to early afternoon. Stop in the shop and look for me?

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No, won’t be there. I’m sick with the plague, and trust me, no one wants anywhere near me :expressionless:

I do have a pink storage bin labeled Jeannie Harwell you could leave it in, or I’m frequently there on Tuesday nights in CA at the fiberfrolics