Tour Request - looking to join

I had no idea what category to use. So apologies if it was a completely wrong choice. Haha.

I would like to request a tour of the Dallas Makerspace. I’m available M,T, Th, and Fri evenings after 6:30 p. Saturday and Sunday work too.

Let me know what works for you, volunteers. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I can give you a tour monday night at 6:30

Sorry, I had something come up for Monday. Would Tuesday work?


Tuesday should work. I usually go for a bike ride Tuesday and Thursday nights but I think the trails will still be closed early this week. I’ll be at the Makerspace sunday afternoon and we live in Coppell about 15 minutes away, so most lunch hours also work.

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If Tuesday doesn’t work, I’m good for Thursday or Friday evening. Or all day Sunday. Just let me know :slight_smile:

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I can do the tour tonight at 6:30

I was just about to open a conversation to ask this! I joined, paid, read all required info, and created my profile. I have yet to take a tour, can I do that with you and Ellen tonight at 6:30? Is that where I would get a key fob?

Also, I was hoping to join the ceramics 100 class today at 5pm, but also can’t seem to stay logged in when i get to the calendar page. I have my settings to allow all cookies and thoroughly read the instructions, but it’s not working. Any tips?

Thank you!

Welcome!! We are currently having issues with the calendar - please open a ticket by sending an email to [email protected].

Yes Jamie you can join the tour, I’ll be there about 6. Meet at north front main entrance, if someone comes by who can let you in there are kiosks in the lobby you need to sign.


Sounds good! I’ll get there closer to 6:30.

See you then :grinning: