Tour of DMS in early October

Greetings DMS members,

I’m interested in taking a tour some time in early October ( 1st or 2nd week, depending on who is available) I understand there are designated days for tours but I live far way so I would be grateful if I could plan a day with volunteer to show me around.

Just put in another post that first week. Since we’re no longer doing the mass tours (social distancing, don’t you know) there’s no longer a specific day. There are a number of us who are happy to do one-on-one, or tours. Just post that first week of October, and somebody will volunteer.

I’d do it now, but I’d forget by October.

Ok, Fair point. I’ll tune back in by October. I tried being brief, I was aware of social distancing but then on the site I saw pictures of individuals with masks so I presumed you had a protocol for that.

Thanks for stepping up for October.