Tour Documentation Working Session Poll

There’s already been a significant amount of ground work completed by several members regarding: tour documentation & new member information.

I’d like to first work on the tour documentation before working on updated new member information. That will be next phase.

The tour documentation is just to provide a brief overview to DMS, not to provide detailed information.

I’m tagging those who I know have already created documentation on one of the two items or both, those that have been on the feedback threads and/or those that have expressed interest. Others are welcome to join but please indicate interest via this post.

I’d like any of those interested to propose some dates/times after 11/30 that you’re available so we can get this done and going. Once the date for meeting is established, it will be a closed meeting for those that indicate interest on this thread.

@Edenblue , @apparently_weird , @dougemes , @jrkriehn , @jottwell , @mrjimmy , @heyheymama , @mblatz , @FreddyCalvert , @jeffbob

Edit: tagging @hon1nbo, @talkers

Do you have a list of the information categories that will construct the overview?

Weekend afternoons, or after 7pm weeknights. More only firm conflict right now is a production release on dec 13-15 for work. All other commitments are flexible (for me)

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Essentially some of the documentation that has been created to date is meant to be entirely basic and cover the committees and SIGs. We’re talking 1-2 pieces of paper at max, folded horizontally/‘hamburger’ style if you will. Keeping in mind that 1 page will be the map of DMS. The goal is to have potential members have something tangible to take home with them.

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My biggest suggestion is to make this thing be as evergreen as possible, and, yes a single sheet or two is the way to go.

Agreed. Once this becomes available the goal is for those not opposed, to download electronically. However, I also know that electronic is not preferred for everyone. If not, then having a paper copy available. Having options is important : ) On that note, I think I will add to the notes for us to indicate to please recycle or return (if possible - this could work in the case of those who leave premises and become a member).

If this is a double-sided single sheet, then our cost to produce is 14 cents if it is full color. You might consider just having a box by the exit that says “please return any DMS overviews that you don’t need” (or “tour handouts” or whatever else you call it.) People might return one on their way out. Once they leave the building then IMO it isn’t worth the effort to recover a 14 cent document.

I’m willing to help.

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Thank you : ) Please let me know your availability dates/times after 11/30/2019.

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Bumping to see what the schedules are so we can get this going.

As I remind on all items, not everyone can be in person for physical meetings. So I’d suggest putting the document on one of our collaborative platforms such as our G Suite Docs, or setup at least setup a meeting dial-in through our Hangouts Meet service.


You are not incorrect. However, also not looking for “everyone” per se. Looking for those willing to help drive all the documentation that has been sent to me so far by various people and rarely did any of the items come to fruition, when really they should have. I’m open to putting all the documentation on G Suite, I also need to get permission from those that created their documentation. Setting up a Hangout is perfectly fine but also, not everyone uses those mediums either. There are also many at DMS that do not utilize G Suite.

I’m open to many ideas but at this point I do not want the feedback of anyone and everyone unless they’re intending to help drive this to completion because given some of the documentation I’ve been able to go through, I’m baffled at why this didn’t come to be. This first working session is not intended to be extensive documentation but be a little more broad than the new tri-folds that were developed.

it’s better than no option of providing input when not able to be physically present

Usage of the G Suite for mail and communications is required of all chairs, officers, directors, and those interacting with 3rd parties in a DMS capacity. This is not optional.

The refusal to work on the collaborative platforms we have has been one of, if not the biggest factor in why nothing comes to pass; it creates a barrier to those willing to volunteer, but have their own work and personal lives at play.

I’m not disagreeing. Nor did I indicate there wouldn’t be an option for those not physically present but I do still need dates/times of availability to try to work around schedules as best as possible.

Weekday nights and weekends are best chances at being somewhere; travel for work is extremely unpredictable.

For posterity, I’m interested, and generally willing to help with documentation, including this. However, due to my mouth having signed checks my ass now has to try to cash, I have little to no “free time” in the upcoming months to assist. But should it come to pass that I find some availability, I would love to have my interest on record.
Godspeed on this quest; 'tis sorely needed, and many efforts before have fallen short, not for lack of sweat. Wish I could help.