Torque wrench for Multicam

Heads up for Multicam authorized users on Talk: We now have a calibrated torque wrench to use for tightening the cover nut for the collet. Specification torque is 25 Ft-Lbs. If you take a poll, you will get responses ranging from “that’s not very much” to “that’s a lot”. Often overlooked in these responses is the short wrenches that are used. I am convinced that reaching 25 Ft-Lbs of torque with short wrenches takes quite a bit more force than most users have been using. Without enough torque, the bit can slip. That has been happening.

Now for the wrench … it “snaps” when 25 ft-lbs is reached. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make enough noise to override general woodshop background noise … so don’t depend on hearing a “snap” or a “click”. The actual “snap” is a give in the wrench that changes the alignment of the handle with the head of the wrench. You can feel it give, so go slow and “feel” the give.

Freddy @FreddyCalvert is going to fix up a dummy nut that we will mount in some obvious place so users can experiment with the wrench at see the snap and know better what to look/feel for.

You will want to brace the wrench that goes on the nut against the spindle mount bracket and then turn the shaft clockwise with the torque wrench. (Clockwise if you are looking at the connection from the top or motor end of the spindle.)

  1. Put torque wrench on shaft (it will rest there while you position the nut wrench)

  2. Put the nut wrench into the notches in the cover nut

  3. Brace nut wrench against spindle mount

  4. Use torque wrench to turn shaft clockwise until wrench “gives” or “snaps” at the pre-set value of 25 Ft-lbs.

Advise if you encounter problems.


How are you going to deal with the need to unload a torque wrench before putting it back in the drawer for storage?

Unless I am not understanding your question, that is not an issue since it is spring loaded and pops back as soon as pressure is relieved.

He’s referring to needing to back off an adjustable torque wrench before storing. It seems to me this is not an adjustable type.

Correct, this is a pre-set wrench factory calibrated for 25 ft-lbs with no easy user modification options.


This (the torque wrench solution) is awesome!

with no easy user modification options

I give DMS’s creative users 24 hours. 36, tops. :smiley:

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Thanks! (12345678)

And I won’t hesitate to have Mark send them a bill to correct or replace it. It ain’t cheap and we have video, RFID logs, and the ability to remove authorized use privileges. This is one situation where I would go from grumpy curmudgeon to evil fiend in a New York second.


I uploaded this information into the MultiCam wiki page.


You do such good work!


Since you took the time to diligently document it, I figured it was appropriate to post it on the wiki. Thanks for doing this!